Change Management Crash Course

The Essential Skills to Become A Pro Troublemaker


Immediate Access

Get the tools you need RIGHT NOW and start applying the lessons right away!

Self-Study Pace

Work through the series on your own time, incorporating new skills as you go.

Peer Support

As part of the Pro Troublemaker Nation, you'll have access to the  ideas of fellow students!

What's Included

Six self-study sessions featuring guided lessons, videos, and workbooks. Each session is centered around a different aspect of change that you must learn.

Session 1: The 3 types of change, and what type of leader you need to be.

Session 2: Why you need conflict, and how to embrace it.

Session 3: Connecting your vision and strategy.

Session 4: REAL tools to help peers and teams change.

Session 5: The critical steps for your entire org to change.

Session 6: My best secret influence skills to motivate others around you.

Get Your Boss To Say Yes!

Many companies rely on employees to bring opportunities to them. No matter how your company handles their professional development budget, a lot of planned dollars go unused.

If you're interested in the Change Management Crash Course, here are a few ways you can get your boss's approval.

  1. Ask. (Sometimes it is as simple as taking some initiative.)
  2. Share the curriculum above and how it aligns with the goals set for you. Don't have goals? This course will help you set them.
  3. Compare the Crash Course to other opportunities. The curriculum is jam-packed with content and the self-study pace allows for a more personal process.
  4. Outline the time commitment and how you'll fit it into your schedule, as well as how you'll report back on the program and be accountable to your team for implementing what you'll learn.

Change Management Crash Course

The program gives you IMMEDIATE access to the lessons and tools that will help you implement change successfully. You'll complete the course at your own pace, with access to the comments and ideas of other participants from the Pro Troublemaker Nation.


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